THE DECK SAIGON - Cafe & Meal - Serviced Apartment


If you are in Ho Chi Minh City and want to find a nice and relaxing place for café or dinner, we suggest you THE DECK SAIGON.

THE DECK SAIGON - Cafe & Meal - Serviced Apartment

Hereafter is a review from Rusty Compass about THE DECK SAIGON which give you general ideas about this place. We hope you will have good moments in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Saigon’s District 2 may be 15 to 20 minutes from downtown, but The Deck is one of several venues in this expat enclave, that’s well worth the cab ride.

It’s the city’s best riverside meal and a perfect contrast to the dusty cacophany of life back in the centre of town.

THE DECK SAIGON - Cafe & Meal - Serviced Apartment

This little serene stretch of the Saigon River, with the rising city in the distance, is a treat. The scene is almost rural, broken up by passing barges. The sunsets are a delight. You can easily settle in here for a while.

Casual dress is fine, but you won’t be out of place if you dress up a touch as well.

The Deck describes its menu as “pan-Asian” – there’s a broad selection – including small plates, salads and vegetarian options. The food’s good – but it feels like the price premium is more about the setting than the culinary effort.

THE DECK SAIGON - Cafe & Meal - Serviced Apartment

THE DECK SAIGON - Cafe & Meal - Service Apartment

Pop out in the late afternoon for happy hour cocktails at sunset, and if you’re settled, stay around for dinner. Otherwise you can check out one of the other very good options in the District 2 area.

Staff are friendly and professional.

The Deck is very popular – especially on weekends – and recently doubled in size, devouring another handsome slice of riverfront.”



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